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Sep 16, 2012 8:00am PDT
to be drawn into the american election. and what's guiding my statements is not the american political calendar but the iranian nuclear calendar. you know, if they stop spinning the centrifuges and took time out for the american elections, i wouldn't have to talk and i wouldn't have to raise this issue. but as the prime minister of israel, knowing that this country committed to our destruction is getting closer to the goal of having weapons of mass destruction, then i speak out. and it's really not a partisan political issue. and i think it's important for anyone who's the president of the united states to be in that position of preventing iran from having this nuclear weapon and nuclear weapons capability. and i'm talking to the president. i just talked to him the other day. we are in close consultation trying to prevent that. it's really not a partisan issue. it's a policy issue. not a partisan issue. >> you have known mitt romney a long time. tell me if you disagree. the reality is that governor romney said this week that his position is very much the same as president obama. they a
FOX News
Sep 16, 2012 3:30pm EDT
'll see you at the top of the hour on american election headquarters. >>> wait there is still time. i say wait for what? >> wait until when? those international community that refuse to put red lines before iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before islam. >> jon: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu striking back against the white house and those unwilling to issue an ultimatum to iran. once again, judy miller. monica crowley. jim pinkerton, contributing editor of the american conservative magazine. kirsten powers and richard grenell that served as press spokesman to the last four ambassadors to the u.n. rick to you first, that netanyahu story would have been the big story of the week had the embassy attacks had not occurred. what do you think about what coverage the media gave his point? >> i think it was a direct assault at president obama. you can't blame the israelis for being frustrated. here, you know the white house was scrambling before all of this mess in the middle east started with the violence and the killing of our ambassador. what was really happening is
Sep 22, 2012 11:00pm EDT
by some black clergy who are urging african americans to stay at home on election day to protest the president's support for gay marriage. >>> ken picks up the story from here. he's live downtown from the gala at the convention center. ken, what's up? >> reporter: good evening to you, bruce. it's because of that protest that you just talked about that the first lady's comments come at a critical moment for the black community locally and throughout the country. this is of course, following remarks from black ministers who oppose president obama's stance on same-sex marriage. ♪ [ music ] the who's who of black leaders packed the washington convention center for the annual black gala. fresh on the minds are recent remarks made by religious leaders within the black community, urging their congregations to stay home and not vote this election. that suggestion comes as a form of opposition to president obama's support for same-sex marriage. it's a message leaders at the gala rejected. >> anyone that would encourage that given what we had to go through, get the right to vote. someo
Sep 27, 2012 2:30pm PDT
the election on november 6, the american election. a sort of secret or hidden agreement between the palestinians and the u.s. so it would not upset the elections or play a part in the elections in the u.s. >> we just heard netanyahu's answer to abbas' speech, but he also had other things on his mind. >> a large part of the speech, as expected, was dedicated to iran and its nuclear capability. this speech will probably go down in the history of the un because he brought a picture of a bomb and explain exactly with this picture where the world, according to him, should draw the line. he was speaking about a red line. that is where the world would have to intervene to make sure that iran does not get the nuclear bomb. he said that would probably make iran back down. that is his conviction. drawing a red line, he says, is for peace, not for. -- not for war. benjamin netanyahu is a very good order, so he made a very compelling case. >> that was max hoffman speaking to us earlier outside the united nations. we will take a closer look at life outside the palestinian territories coming
Sep 22, 2012 11:00pm PDT
of what makes the economy work >>> unemployment at 8% romney promises to get americans back to work. >>> the day than the of having a good job with good pay i will fight to get that for every american >>> election day more than six weeks away romney expects to focus on the swing states. dru levenson cbs news >>> parents and children and send the detail on the lookout for a stranger who tried to abduct a little girl investigators say a nine year- old girl claimed she got away from a man who tried to kidnapper at park site elementary school, she said with their family parents are shocked this happen in a community considered safe >>> i'm really terrified because it is not something i've ever expected being here a few years now never heard of this before this was a safe neverland >>> this will cancel the friday night a van as a precaution officers had no luck finding the suspect police looking into it this is connected to two others in the area where a man offers alcohol to students. the cleanup in san francisco one day after vandals went on a tear baekeland use of force by police prom
Sep 27, 2012 4:00pm PDT
will wait to see who wins the american elections and whether in the aftermath, president obama, who is very much seized with this issue, will continue to be seized with it. >> thank you very much. world leaders at the u.n. have also debated the line between free speech and religious intolerance following the anti- islamic video. it caused ripples across the muslim world. in pakistan, at least 20 were killed in demonstrations. who exactly are the demonstrators? we are in karachi. >> they have been gathering here every day to pray. for the soul of muhammed, a policeman. become to try to comfort his mother. she said she does not understand why her son, a muslim, became the enemy. his family says that he himself had been upset by the anti-islam video. >> they said this was going to be a peaceful rally for the honor of the prophet. we were shocked to see the terrorist and weapons there. >> the family watched the news channels in horror as the demonstrations became more violent. and then on live tv, they saw their sign being carried from the scene. -- saw their son being carried from the scene. >
Sep 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
in an american election. it has now surfaced in this one. in the vital swing state of ohio, workers feel that -- fear that china has taken away their manufacturing jobs forever. mr. obama accused mitt romney of sending jobs to china. >> he made money investing in companies that of routed from here and went to china. pioneers. now, you cannot stand up to china. when all you have got i sending them our jobs. >> mitt romney was on the china offensive as well, on television. but for mr. romney, it was a surprise and distraction from china policy. a videotape showing him at a private fund-raising function has been made public. speaking to wealthy republican donors, he said 47% of americans would vote for mr. obama, and that these voters believe they are victims. they believe they are entitled to health care, to food, the housing, if you name it. he said that his job was not to worry about those people at a late night news conference, he sought to explain his comments. >> it was not elegantly stated, and i am sure i could do it more affectively than i did. >> to hear a candidate for the presid
Sep 16, 2012 6:00am PDT
for the american election. i wish the iranians would shut down, and then we won't have to talk about it, but they don't. in fact, they do the very opposite. that's what's driving the urgency. again, we have post-consultations with the united states on this one. >> is the answer then, no, you don't have the red line that you would like to have in the u.s.? can you tell me at least that? >> i think you should have a red line communicated, and i think it's vital. i know that people value flexibility. i think that's important. at this late stage of the game, i think iran needs to see clarity. i would not have said this two years ago, one year ago, but as we get closer and closer and closer to -- i think we have to establish that's becoming important because you have to just think about it. you know, you see the middle east. you see these embassies, and i want to send my condolences to the american people. the loss of the extraordinary ambassador and his extraordinary -- we sympathize as no other people do with the united states. yet, you know that as we face the possibility of a regime that
Comedy Central
Sep 19, 2012 11:30pm PDT
mind sweeper. final you click on the wrong square your social security explodes. so my fellow americans this election ask not what your country can can do for you, ask what mitt romney will not do for your country. and that's the word. we'll be private back. [cheers and applause] -- we'll be right back. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. [cheers and applause] folks, if you watch this show on a regular basis you know i have a close personal relationship with jesus. we're super time. in fact, i took that picture on my iphone. that's why i was so shocked to hear this news. >> new evidence from an ancient text that suggests jesus may have been married. on this scrapbook are the explosive words jesus said to them, "my wife." >> stephen: married oh, crap what is is the rule on wedding gifts. you have 2,000 years, snriet jc, so happy for you, mazel, baby. it comes as a relief. you are a fit dude, you wear sandels. spent all your time hang around with other guys. people were starting to talk. what a catch, right, ladies? it's so hard to find a nice
Sep 17, 2012 5:00pm PDT
'm not going to be drawn into the american election. what is driving my statement not the american calendar but the iranic nuclear calendar. >> eliot: for what appears to be more of the bad case of the staggers i'm joining by ginger gibson and richard grinell former director of communications and public diplomacy while he worked with for united nations ambassadors under george w. bush. thank you for joining us tonight tonight. >> sure. >> eliot: ginger, let me begin with you. you're the one who is a pure journalist, is the media seeing blood in the water and like piranha, they're circling the campaign and picking it up or is it fair to go after stevens. >> fracture in the romney campaign seems to be rise together surface unhappiness looking at the latest poll numbers which are not showing good numbers for mitt romney seem to be bringing disagreements out in the open. any time reporters get a sense of those finger-pointing incidents in the campaign they're going to jump. stu stevens who place a number of roles in the campaign is overstretched and making bad calls. there is unhappiness in th
FOX Business
Sep 8, 2012 4:00am EDT
, nonperishable foods and emergency flight slots. , the american election debate endorsing in praising one of the two major party contenders. which is it and why? the "a-team" stalker round of ours is to tackle this juicy topic. lori: joining me again, the "lou dobbs tonight" "a-team." i could not resist. so fun being here. republican pollster, former presidential adviser and fox is political analyst endorsing president obama. of course does. his predecessor. >> tell vladimir. in fairness, i think he also said that he could work with romney and that his rhetoric was just campaign rhetoric. that being said, i think the best thing that president prudent could do would be stay out of our elections. >> i am rising you would agree. >> the president wracks the popularity ratings and even endorsements from people who can't vote for him in this country. he was not able to fill the 70,000 seat stadium near his own speech at bank of america and charlotte, and yet four years ago he had over 100,000 germans listening to him, terrific that they have all that time on their hands. he seems to be much mor
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to me ♪ that nobody else could do fox news is american's election head quarters. and vice presidential nominee paul ryan, campaign negligent political background states of florida. >> the body of four slain diplomats arrived from libya yesterday and i look around here i saw navy and nareins and air force and i want to thank all of you and those men and women who serve our country overseas to tesecure our freedoms. >> harris: he moved on to the main thrust of the speech and hitting team obama and his focus and federal reserve to pump up 47 billion a month in the economy until it recovers. >> the federal reserve is saying we don't have a recovery and obama nomics didn't work and so now they are coming with their bail out. >> here is the problem, we don't need sugar high economics or synthetic money creation. we want we want opportunity and growth. >> harris: watching politics governor romney and president obama and vice president biden were not on the trail today. there is it a larm latinoy voting block. and they make up the largest minority group and fastest growing segment. >> and even
Sep 17, 2012 2:00am PDT
, foreign efforts to influence our elections either backfire or have no impact. in 1980, 52 american diplomats were being held hostage in iran, but just before the election, the iranians seemed ready to make a deal to release them. what some saw as a ploy to re-elect jimmy carter. ronald reagan' reagan's running, george bush, said it wouldn't work. >> you see, i think the american people don't want these ayatollahs, to affect the election one way or another. >> schieffer: he was right, of course, and reagan won. terrorists crashed a truck into the u.s. embassy in beirut and killed 23 people during reagan's reelection campaign in 1984. americans were outraged and re-elected reagan. there was no question osama bin laden was trying to influence american voters in 2004 when he took credit for 9/11 and condemned george bush. >> americans will not be intimidated or influenced by an enemy of our country. i'm sure senator kerry agrees with this. >> schieffer: he was right on both counts, and was re-elected. americans may disagree on many things, but here's one thing on which we don't-- we do
Sep 9, 2012 10:00am PDT
that what will matter most in this election is the state of the american economy. and most people agree it's doing pretty badly. one of america's most successful bankers says that he sees the beginnings of an american revival that will surprise us all with its strength and vigor. roger altman is the former deputy secretary of the treasury and the founder and chairman of evercore partners. he will explain his optimism. niall ferguson, our old friend from harvard university, the historian, will explain why he is less sanguine. roger, start by telling us what are the elements -- you actually list them that make you confident that over the medium term this economy will bounce back strong. >> that point you just made over the medium term is an important one. i don't see this occurring this year or next year. after all, the most noteworthy thing about the u.s. recovery has been how weak it is, as you implied. looking out, say, three to four years, i think it's quite possible that we're going to see a boom. and there are five factors that i think play into that. one is housing, one is energy, one
Sep 16, 2012 9:00am PDT
's a serious charge. >> well, you're trying to get me into the -- into the american election, and i'm not going to do that. the relationship between israel and the united states is a bond of -- it's just a very powerful bond. >> joining me for today's strategy talk is former vermont governor and dnc chairman howard dean and former rnc chairman and msnbc analyst michael steele. gentlemen, good to see you both. >> how you doing? >> governor dean, i want to begin with you here. you just heard prime minister suns netanyahu. why is one of america's closest allies incapable of saying the president has not, quote, thrown him under the bus? >> this past week has been somewhat of a disaster for romney. he clearly really doesn't know foreign policy very well. he's flailing around. he, of course, has now wasted another week not talking about the economy which i think he understands he has to do but just can't seem to help himself. i thought the line of the week was from president obama who just said governor romney shoots first and aims later. i know from experience in the presidency that you just can't d
FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 1:00am PDT
question what is the proper american elected to legislature. >> very unpopular 6% rejected. >> just because you say it's unpopular doesn't mean it was unpopular. it was upheld by the united states supreme court. the supreme court upheld it the both houses of an elected congress passed it. it hasn't been overturned. >> 60% of american people want it repealed. >> because a lot of people in barber shops and beauty parlors and talk radio don't like it doesn't mean it's not good. >> 60% of the american people want it repealed. all right, guys, i have got to go, chris -- >> -- of course you do. >> i will leave you with one final thought. go ahead. >> one final thought, the message of this campaign by president obama is forward. the main spokesperson will be president clinton saying 16 years ago the economy was good. so why don't you vote now for this guy. it's ridiculous. the american people will reject it they are not doing well. they want to see governor romney in office. >> all right, guys. jacques and. >> we will see on november 6th. >> we certainly will. we agree on that, jacques. >> looking
Sep 30, 2012 10:00am PDT
to happen on the negotiations on iran's nuclear program until after the american elections. what do you think will happen after the elections? do you expect that at that point there will be a new proposal from the major powers, or do you think iran will present another proposal? >> translator: as you touched upon, yes, during a couple of interviews, yes, i did speak of this. i think at the end of the day that the decision-making, vis-a-vis, iran's nuclear issue with 5 plus 1, is a very important decision and it is one -- one of the most important players in the 5 plus 1 equation is america, but we have seen during many years that as we approach the united states presidential elections, no important decisions are made. also keeping in mind that certainly following the electis, certainly the atmosphere will be much more stable and important decisions can be made and announced. we have set forth proposals. we're holding dialogue. as of late, they have had productive talks and we do hope to be able to take some steps forward. >>> when we come back, syria. the death toll has reached 20,000.
Sep 16, 2012 12:00pm PDT
election. what's guiding my statements is not the american political calendar but the iranian nuclear calendar. it's really not a partisan political issue. >> but this afternoon democratic national committee chairman said he believes there are problems in the relationship between president obama and prime minister netanyahu. >> i think my guess is that the personal relationship between netanyahu and obama is not all that good. most of that has to do with president obama. if you look back at our relationship with israel, which is historically and incredibly strong and remains strong. this is really a personality. >> turning to the campaign trail,ing mitt romney had an event scheduled for colorado later today. but it was canceled after an unrelated incident at pueblo, colorado's airport. >>> news today that the money game hit a new high. ad spending plus the super pacs has surpassed some $600 million. half of that eye-popping total has gone to run ads in ohio, virginia, and florida alone. we'll have more on these stories the the next two hours right here. more now, though, on the last m
Sep 6, 2012 4:00pm PDT
the globe. tonight, barack obama will officially accept his party's nomination for the presidential election this november. he will then use that acceptance speech to make his pitch to american voters that they will be better off if they give him four more years in the white house. last night, he turned to a democratic star for a bit of help. [applause] >> the once disgraced president rose to the rescue. obamamania has faded, along with hope and change, and the man who describes himself as a little country boy is a hero for now, much more popular than the president appeared this was classic clinton -- only sheer charisma can hold a crowd enraptured with a speech truck full of facts and figures, explaining obama's achievements, defending his record. >> are we where we want to be today? no. is the president satisfied? of course not. but are we better off than we were when he took office? [applause] >> the president's came on for a brief hogged. they are not friends, but they are now allies. -- the president came on for a brief hug. although the magic has faded, many still love obama. >> ♪ ba
Sep 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
it's become so intertwined with the american presidential election that there is a feeling that it would be wrong to do that before the american elections. but... and i think the israeli blic is wling to give leeway for a few more months but it needs to see action happening. and if you look at it from, let's say, an israeli point of view, you see sanctions that have gaping holes in them you see negotiations that were conducted in a very slow pace, a snail's pace, and now are not being conducted at all and you ask yourself is anybody going to do something about it rohr we gradually going to drift into a situation where iran has the bomb? if that turns out to be the case over the next few months i think supporng n israel for an attack will increase >> rose: is there any doubt in israel on the part of the prime minister and the people in israel that the united states is firm in its notion that iran cannot have a nuclear weapon and that they will do something to prevent that? do israelis believe that? >> no, they don't quite believe that for two reasons. one is that when you sa
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,776 (some duplicates have been removed)